Movie Night @ the Drive-In

With summer fast approaching, Madeleine's 12th drive-in movie birthday bash was the perfect way to celebrate my birthday girl and enjoy glimpses of the warm summer weather and cool nights! Madeleine had brought up the drive in movie idea last summer while we were at the drive-in , and a drive-in gathering with her friends it was!  Classic vintage motifs with a hint of glam to make it super fun... We even had our own movie speaker cake pops!  The girls had so much fun...  C'mon.. who brings vintage couches to the drive in? haaa... :) The most memorable part of the night was when her dad made a guest appearance as the concession man.. ;)

Thank you to everybody, family and friends who helped  make this party so special for my girl.. :)

Personalized home décor and gifts: Tiny Prints

Movie Speaker Cake Pops and cookies : CCsweets

Furniture Rentals : White Willow Vintage

Cake : letti cakes @letti_cakes

Movie night cup designs : Oh Happy Day

Van Buren Drive in Theatres