Back to School - Famous Footwear

Where did our Summer go? Just a few more weeks please... 

Well, I guess if we can't have our summer days back, it's back to school we go... and that is always fun and exciting for the kiddos...  If you’re like me, your back to school shopping sprees are filled with the search for great outfits the kids love, backpacks, the occasional ice cream or caramel apple, and the perfect pair of shoes.

This year, Willow and I had to opportunity to collaborate with Famous Footwear to make her back to school adventure super fun. We had such a great time this past weekend picking out a few new pairs of shoes. As many of you already know, Willow loves fashion and being able to pick out her outfits and choosing what shoes to wear.

So this shopping adventure was right up her alley! Of course, she had a lil’ help from me. As we strolled up and down the aisles, she kept pointing out certain styles and saying, “I’ll wear those on the first day of school.” If everything goes according to her plan, I’ll have to pack three pairs of shoes in her backpack on the first day of school. Thanks Famous Footwear for the opportunity to spend a great day shopping with my daughter!

In the end her favorite pair was the Nikes (just like her big sister).


Let's Flamingle!!!!

Celebrating Miss Willow's 4th birthday.... Birds of a feather and all our friends and family flock together... :) So much fun for this little one!!!!! 


Big thank you to Ooh La La for the fun flamingo cake and amazing cupcakes... so so good!!! 

and to my cousin Carolyn over at CC Sweets for always making these fun cookies for my kids parties...  kids loved them... :) 

happy birthday my little braveheart princess

it is so fun to watch you grow and become the little human you are... a free spirited little girl with such a happy heart.. we love every bit of you my love...  happy 3rd birthday my little braveheart princess... 


details below...

this beautiful tipi was created and designed by Ashley Gabby designs... it is just perfect for her size and will now be her little reading nook area in her room.... love.. love... 

and have you seen her lil' willow doll that was inspired by willow herself.... aaaaaah!!!! I just can't take the cuteness... thank you so much to pocket with posies who created this beautiful canvas doll inspired by our willow...  (heart melting)  and with the mini matching romper that matches perfectly to our favorite romper maker la monique boutique... the cuteness is just taking over me... 

happy 3rd birthday willow marie.. you are well loved... 

Camp On!

and yes we did...  we headed up to the Kernville with family and friends last week and we camped right along the Kern River... I mean.. literally.. the river was our front porch.. It was pretty amazing to wake up to and go to sleep with the sound of the flowing river right in your backyard campsite.. 

the week was full of great food. great company and plenty of rumchata to get the evenings going.. :) oh YUM!!!!  the kids had a blast with all the crafts we planned on downtime.....  from painting rocks and feathers, doing some journaling to making dream catchers for our tent.. they were busy bees... and just having the river to play in  from morning to  late afternoons.. their days were quite busy in the great outdoors.. :) 

please let me share our beautiful canvas home with you..  this Stout Tent  is the tent of all tents... I mean, if you are a tent camper.. this is the tent you need to be in...  roomy enough for our entire family and then some and more room for storage and some decor to make it a real glamping experience.. :) oh Yes.. we added decor.. :)   true glampers we are!!!    

we did  bring along  Tiny Prints home decor, like some beautiful pillows and  to give it a bit more of a glamping experience... I think it just makes it so much more fun when you can bring a lil bit of comfort to the outdoors and make it more enjoyable.... we did forget our coffee for the trip so we used our mugs from Tiny Prints for our crafting station.. they worked out perfectly.. next time reminder for myself... "don't forget the coffee" 

 Of course we brought our Beddys along as well.. I  mean, why not?....  the bedding is perfect for our home and glamping excursions as well.. I mean.. it really is the luxury sleeping bag.  They fit  right over our 2 queen size air mattresses perfectly.. this is an item, where you kick your self and say "why didn't i think that?"  Pure genius Beddys.. pure genius..  a comforter, sheet and blanket all in one...  so easy and perfect.. 

and we did bring along our cozy Saranoni blankets with us to keep the nighttime chill off and to get cozy near the campfire.. if you have not had the chance to feel one of these blankets.. boy.... you are missing out... they are seriously the softest blankets ever..  each of the kiddos has one in their room  and it is now a definite must for traveling anywhere we go...  you will love them as well... 

well.. thank you following along and hopefully maybe the next time you go camping, you can make it a fun glamping experience as well.. :) 



just one more thing... don't forget your very ugly river shoes.. you will need them on the Kern.... :) 

love is love all over again...

love striked this family again... how lucky are they.. :)  i was privileged to document this couples first born son a while back and again privileged to document their newest member of their family, Sweet Ava... she is a beauty..

Willow was so excited to transition into her new bed... We had to make it a big deal for her...  by rearranging her room, fun new pillows and of course a new bedspread.. :)  she absolutely loved it.. 

Friends... the best part of Willow's tiny room makeover is her new bedspread from Beddy's.. This is the coolest bedspread for kids. It has a fitted sheet, a soft minky blanket and a comforter all in one... and everything stays in place :) like a fitted sleeping bag, but luxurious. Seriously!!!  

Another best part... No fuss in making up the bed.. The entire set is fitted all around the mattress so it's as easy as one zip on each side and they are done making thier bed... perfect for a learning toddler... Yahooo! 

Willow is loving it.. so far so good... :) 

All the decorative pillows are from Tinyprints home decor 

the willow branch was pinspired, love that site... but we just pulled a branch from outside and purchased the cardboard letters from Joann's Crafts and just yarned it up.. Pretty easy.. The Willow stand is actually a burn starter for a fire pit,  we actually used it for my baby shower as the cake stand but thought it could be used for so many other things.. :)  just clip the wicks off and bam..  Have a great rest of the week friends.. ;) 

Movie Night @ the Drive-In

With summer fast approaching, Madeleine's 12th drive-in movie birthday bash was the perfect way to celebrate my birthday girl and enjoy glimpses of the warm summer weather and cool nights! Madeleine had brought up the drive in movie idea last summer while we were at the drive-in , and a drive-in gathering with her friends it was!  Classic vintage motifs with a hint of glam to make it super fun... We even had our own movie speaker cake pops!  The girls had so much fun...  C'mon.. who brings vintage couches to the drive in? haaa... :) The most memorable part of the night was when her dad made a guest appearance as the concession man.. ;)

Thank you to everybody, family and friends who helped  make this party so special for my girl.. :)

Personalized home décor and gifts: Tiny Prints

Movie Speaker Cake Pops and cookies : CCsweets

Furniture Rentals : White Willow Vintage

Cake : letti cakes @letti_cakes

Movie night cup designs : Oh Happy Day

Van Buren Drive in Theatres

pinterest can be great for so many fun ideas.. some wins.. and some fails... kids loved the pancakes though..

when a client calls and want to do a themed shoot like this for a 5th birthday.. i'm all in.. this was so much fun to do this breakfast at tiffany's shoot... hope you enjoy!!

how cute are theses kiddos together?!?!  and especially in their  water factory clothing   these tops and pants are all organic clothing and oh so soft.. makes these kids even more cuddly...take a peek at their latest collection.. you will love every design..

love me, squeeze me, spin me till my hair twirls up, i guarantee you a week of good luck... 

and a bit of more trolling around.. ( yes, I added the lucky jewel in PS)